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DIY: Decoupage Pumpkin Decor

Posted on Oct 13, 2014 by in $10 DIY, Holiday DIY, Uncategorized | 0 comments

A chic pumpkin centerpiece.

A chic pumpkin centerpiece.

Boxes are piled up everywhere, as we start the long process of moving. Even though we have turned our dining room into our storage locker, I had to decorate for Fall! I know my kiddos don’t understand why mommy is decorating, but I couldn’t help myself. Piles of boxes are not festive. I didn’t want to create anything that was bulky or expensive, so I created a quick, easy, compact, and cost-effective centerpiece for my coffee table.

I headed to Goodwill to see what I could find. I can always count on that store to have tacky flower arrangements! I came across a gem! The bright foam pumpkin was filled with broken gourds, shines sunflowers, and plastic leaves. I stripped it down until all that was left was the foam pumpkin. It was the perfect base for my decoration.

Start with a plain foam pumpkin.

Create your Fall decor with a plain foam pumpkin.

I didn’t have any hand written love letters I wanted to part with, so I picked up stock paper with ink writing penned all over it. If you have the time and patience, head to a local flea market and look for old letters or sheet music. You can buy a stack for hardly anything!

Next, I decoupaged the pumpkin. Cut the paper in thick strips to fit the grooves of the pumpkin. You want the sides to eventually overlap one another in the grooves and hide the seams.

Use a foam paint brush and brush Modge Podge glue over a small section of the pumpkin. Press the paper strip down on the prepped section and smooth out bubbles and bumps. Brush the glue over the paper to help seal the sides. You want the paper to be damp after you are done. It’s important to make the paper as smooth as possible so the pumpkin will look seamless when you are done.

Decoupage Pumpkin

Decoupage Pumpkin

After the pumpkin has dried over a 24 hrs, you are ready to arrange the Lotus flowers and pods. I picked up dried Lotus flowers and Lotus pods at my local craft store. I bought enough to use for this project and one other thing I was working on to tie all the decor together. I love when a theme or decorations continue throughout a home!

Dried Lotus Flowers

Dried Lotus Flowers

Dried Lotus Pods

Dried Lotus Pods

After adding the flowers, you are done! Place it in an area where you can appreciate its beauty and it’s out of the reach of little hands. I put my decoration on my coffee table. The kids are able to look and enjoy the decoupaged pumpkin without touching.

Now, back to packing!

DIY: Decoupage Pumpkin Arrangement

Decoupage Pumpkin Arrangement

A chic pumpkin centerpiece.

Fall with a twist of romance.

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