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The Rustic Yellowstone Club

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Matt and Alissa Walsh

Matt’s the serious one. I’m the jokester.

One of the many perks of being married to Matt Walsh is I get to travel with him! I absolutely love traveling and exploring new places. A few weeks ago we were invited to the Yellowstone Club (YC) in Big Sky, Montana. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. We loved every minute of it!

Up until 2008, the club was completely off the grid. Only the members knew of its existence and location. Although the club’s whereabouts are known, the resort is in a secure location spanning four mountain peaks, with security check points allowing only members and their guests passage. To date there are only 425 members. To become a member you must have the funds to purchase a mountainside plot. From what I have read, it is referred to as ‘The Millionaire Mountain’. I was told by our host that the smallest home, starts at a meager $4 million!

The YC has been featured in a handful of articles and magazines.  The members range from wealthy business men such as Bill Gates to celebrities, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck. Since the majority of us can only dream of going to the YC, I thought I would bring the club to you. I absolutely loved the grand fortified city and its rustic charm.

The mountaintop retreat boasts 8 hiking trails, 6 ranches, 1 golf course and over 2,200 skiable acres! There are 4 mountain peaks you can ski down, the most popular being Pioneer. Even with all the members on the mountain, there are so many trails, you will feel like you have it all to yourself. Paradise!

For your reading pleasure:

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I don’t want to recreate our experience through words. I would rather show you…

We took in the sights on our 1 hr 20 minute drive from the airport to the Yellowstone Club. Matt and I had never seen a Timber forest! Absolutely breathtaking!

Timber Forest

The road took us through a Timber forest.


Making our way up Big Sky Ridge to the mountain top Yellowstone Club.

Making our way up Big Sky Ridge to the mountain top Yellowstone Club.

When we got to the club, we weren’t sure where we were staying and couldn’t get a hold of our hosts, so we asked for directions to the clubhouse. Now, when I think of a clubhouse, I picture a small, one story building, where you rent ski equipment and grab a bite to eat. I was absolutely floored when I came across their version of a clubhouse!

Yellowstone club clubhouse

The YC Clubhouse

I was in awe! I started snapping photos left and right, which naturally embarrassed Matt. Haha! Rustic inspiration was everywhere!

Matt Walsh blogger

Matt humored me and let me snap a photo with the clubhouse behind him.

Rustic house

The backside of the clubhouse.

Rustic dinner decor

Rustic Dining

Rustic dining

Relax and take in the sights at the base of the mountain.

The chairs remind me if my mom and New Hampshire. She bought a pair of ski chairs near the mountain we grew up skiing on, Mount Sunapee.

Rustic fire pit and chairs

Take a seat in a ski chair and enjoy the fire pit

You can recreate the barrel flower arrangement by heading to a local antique store and seeing what they have for barrels. You can also head to Home Depot. Matt bought me an arrangement from there, but you could also buy the barrel and choose your flowers.

Barrel Flower Arrangements.

Barrel Flower Arrangements

I think you get the picture of the beautiful grounds outside the lodge. Now, let me show you the inside of this magnificent building.

Yellowstone Club lodge

Inside the main lodge.

Look at the stunning chandeliers! The main floor is where you can sit and enjoy breakfast, order a cappuccino, take a handful of candy and treats from their Willy Wonka style candy bar, or just have a chat with a fellow millionaire. I say the last part in good fun!

I was told there is a theater and full game room in the building, but we didn’t have time to see the rooms. We were told by our hosts, you could request to reserve the theater for your own private showings or choose from their collection.

Let’s head upstairs, shall we?

Yellowstone Club Lodge

The staircase reminds me of something out of Harry Potter.

I took these pictures with my brother-in-law in mind. Blaise would love the rustic, man cave vibe!

Yellowstone Club

This level had casual seating and dining. You could look out the floor to ceiling windows and see the mountain.

Take a look at the antler chandelier and the floor to ceiling windows. We spent a lot of time up here eating, getting to know our hosts, and talking business. Loved every minute of this trip!

Take a load off and relax in these ultra comfortable leather seats. Several  of the seats were made from rawhide.

Take a load off and relax in these ultra comfortable leather seats. Several
of the seats were made from rawhide.

In several of the long corridors, I found these trunk benches. What a great way to up-cycle! It’s a very doable DIY!

Rustic trunk

An old trunk was turned into a bench. What a great idea!

Where does this door lead? Stop back in a few days to find out and see the second half of our trip! There will be comical stories and even more rustic inspiration!

Rustic door Yellowstone Club

The entrance to the house we stayed in.

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