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DIY Patio Furniture

Posted on Aug 14, 2014 by in DIY Furniture | 1 comment

DIY Patio Furniture Restoration

DIY Patio Furniture Restoration

The other day, our neighbor stopped over to see if we would like her chiminea. She thought Matt and I would enjoy sitting outside by the fire. How sweet is she? She also gave us loads of toys that she collected over the years for her grandchildren. I will miss Ms. Donna when she moves. She watched me grow up, get married, have twins, etc.

With a new chiminea to enjoy, I set out to find patio furniture. We didn’t want to invest a lot of money into outdoor furniture because we are currently renting a house. Once we buy a house, hopefully in the next few months, we plan on purchasing a nice patio set.

With a budget in mind, my Dad and I got up early Saturday morning to go to several yard sales. I found a love seat, two chairs, and a coffee table for $50. The set was rusted in spots, but I could see the potential. I pointed that out and I was able to get the price down to only $40! Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price when you are at a yard sale! I was pretty proud of myself for staying under budget and on task.

Patio Furniture
Rust-Oleum Lagoon Satin Spray Paint (I used 5 cans of spray paint)
Steel Wool

DIY painted furniture

Revive your rusty patio furniture in a few easy steps.

Step One: Take a wet sponge and clean the surfaces. You want to make sure the dirt and rust flakes are removed.

Step Two: Go over the surfaces, particularly the rusty areas, with your steel wool to sand down the rusty patches.

DIY Rust remover from furniture

Rusty furniture

Step Three: Let the furniture dry in the sun.

DIY Furniture with rust removal

Look at the details on the coffee table!

Step Four: Shake the Rust-Oleum spray paint and follow the directions on the can. Make sure you do not spray too close to the furniture, if you are too close you can create bubbles and drip marks.

DIY Spray painted coffee table

I just love this coffee table!

If you do see paint dripping, wipe up the excess immediately. Wait until the paint is tacky to spray over the blemished area to get a smooth surface. If you see tiny bubbles, wait a few minutes, the paint may settle and the bubbles disappear. If they don’t, wipe the area clean and spray again.

Here is the love seat before I got ahold of it. Julia was terrified to sit on a rusty, old seat.

Crying baby

Julia was crying because she had to sit on the scary love-seat.

After I got through painting the patio set Lagoon Satin, Julia and I were grinning from ear to ear!

Rustoleum spray painted furniture

A fresh coat of paint puts a smile on anyone’s face.

DIY spray painted furniture

Anyone care to have a seat?

We are ready to enjoy the rest of the day relaxing outside!
DIY steps for spray painting furniture

I absolutely love my ‘new’ patio set! I smile every time I look at my bright Lagoon outdoor furniture.

So easy a mom of twins can do it! Time to light a fire.

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  1. Are you really going to want to buy a NEW set for your next home? This one is so cute!!

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