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DIY Bleach Pen Pillow

Posted on Jul 31, 2014 by in DIY $5, Uncategorized | 1 comment

DIY Bleach Pen Pillow

DIY Bleach Pillow

Do you ever get the urge to redecorate or revamp? I tend to have this impulse almost on a daily basis. When the world seems to come crashing down or the twins are having a particularly difficult day, I like to take a few moments to myself to regroup and remain calm. Sometimes I pray, drink a cup of coffee, or look for something in my house to revamp or repurpose.

I found myself searching cupboards, craft drawers, and rooms to see what I could have fun recreating (I just read that sentence and it sounds like I am an addict, I assure you I’m not). Nap time is a sacred time in our household, but that precious time is fleeting. Lately, the twins have only been taking two, 45 minutes a day. So, as a busy mom of twins with very little time to myself, I look for projects that are quick, easy, but produces quality work. My new tag line and mantra is, “So easy, a mom of twins can do it.” I thought it was catchy!

As I was walking through the twins’ playroom, picking up toys, I spotted a blue pillow on the couch. I had picked it up at a Goodwill about two years ago for $1.00. You would be amazed what you can find at that store. Pillows are a steal of a deal! If you are concerned there are bugs or something in them, put them in a zip lock bag for a month. My mom taught me that trick. It will kill lice, so I figure the close bag will kill anything. I don’t worry about that though. I only choose pillows that look new and don’t smell.

Bleach Pen
Cloth Rag

DIY Pillow

A simple pillow.

Purchase or find a pillow that you feel comfortable bleaching. You will be amazed how a little bleach will go a long way. Just switching up the pillows in your house can bring new life to a room and create a new color scheme. I use two basic colors per room and then add a pop of color with pillows, vases, rugs, etc.

DIY EASY PROJECT! All you need is a bleach pen and a pillow to create this simple DIY project.

All you need is a bleach pen and a pillow to create this simple DIY project.

Make sure your bleach pen is not color resistant. Before you start writing out your word, figure out how big you want the letters, whether or not you want to write in cursive, etc. if you want, you can write the word out in pencil, but it isn’t necessary.

Bleach pen and a pillow.

Write out the word in bleach.

Using the thick end of your bleach pen, write out the word. I chose ‘love’.

DIY Pillow: Love

‘Love’ Pillow

DIY Bleach Pen Pillow

Bleach writing

Let it dry for about 30 minutes. After it has dried and you are satisfied with the white letters, take a damp cloth rag and wipe off the bleach. Let dry and then place the pillow wherever you desire.

Beach Room

The pillow compliments the room and adds a bit of eye candy.

I placed my pillow in the beach themed playroom/sitting area. I think it adds an extra dimension and is one of a kind.

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  1. “So easy, a mom of twins can do it.” is a great slogan!

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