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Inspiration from The Painted Mill

Posted on Jun 27, 2014 by in Uncategorized | 3 comments

Many of you have asked where I get my inspiration and DIY finds. Once a month, my husband watches the kids during their morning nap so I can head over to The Painted Mill. It is a treasure trove! For your viewing pleasure, I wanted to show you what they had this weekend. Can you guess what I bought for future DIY projects?

Three DIY tents for me to pillage!

Three DIY tents for me to pillage!

The Painted Mill. One of the places I go for inspiration and incredible finds!

Look at the back of this chair! They were selling it in the DIY tent for only $2!

Love the vintage fan and the display! Loads of inspiration!

Really simple to make, but beautiful and expensive looking! All you need are tall candles that you can purchase at the Dollar Store. Purchase burlap ribbon at Michael’s for about $6. Stamp or stencil your own designs onto the burlap and let dry. Hot glue the burlap to the candle and then add twine over top! How easy is that?

Great way to display pictures or thank you cards in style! Take a picture frame and paint it. Glue fabric onto the frame’s backing. On the inside of the frame run twine back and forth, securing with hooks or a staple gun. Add mini clothes pins and you are done!

A great way to organize incoming and outgoing mail by taking an old shutter and hanging it on the wall!

Love this look! Just get an old door and place it against a wall. Add a cute, old fashioned knob in the middle and hang a mirror! Very shabby chic!

Inspiration! How fun to find an old bed set up outside. You could turn this old metal bed frame into a ‘flower bed’. All you would need to do is place it in your garden and plant flowers inside the frame!

I will be replicating this in the near future! Love the old anchor and turning it into a light fixture!

Can you guess what this is? Many will not be able to figure it out. It is the backboard of an old wash table. They took it off and hung it upside down. It has been repurposed as a towel rack. If I can get my hands on one of these, rest assured I will be making the same thing!

The booth is beautifully staged. I focused in on the light fixtures. I am working on a few as we speak. The wire basket was flipped upside down to create the lamp shade. They purchased a lighting fixture kit and ran it through the base of the basket. The light bulb used is called the Edison Bulb. I will be using that type of light bulb for my own lighting. It has a rustic feel. Matt would love this!

Love this chandelier! I bought the crystals from an old chandelier years ago at my dad’s antique store. I have been wanting to create something like this.

My heart will always be at the beach. Love this display and in the future would like to turn an old boat into a bookcase.

Similar to my rustic outdoor chandelier I made out of baby food jars. Check out my post on my homepage for directions how to recreate.

I love this entire set up. I have been looking for a trunk to use as a side table since I already have a coffee table. I love the staging and the pillows as well. I am working on a few pillows, so this was great inspiration.

A close up of the trunk coffee table.

It appears that the outer casing of the light is a combination of metal with twine or cord wrapped around it. Inside is a large candle. Very nautical and my style.

Vintage ‘beach’ sign. It is an old canvas found at the beach. I wish I knew the history behind this piece. LOVE IT!

Mason jar light pendant. The bulb is an Edison Bulb. I have been wanting to recreate this, but I need the tools and the knowledge to remove the glass bottom. Do NOT put a light inside a closed glass jar, it is extremely dangerous and will burst!

Can you tell I have light fixtures on the brain? This is a drum base that was converted into a light. Again, they used the Edison Bulb.

Vintage bird cage and stand. Awesome!

A close up of the bird cage. I love this style. A fancy bird must have lived in this cage.

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  1. I love the boat bookcase. We recently opened up a new residential program where I work and we made the living room Adirondack theme. I tried to convince them to turn a canoe into a bookcase but they didn’t bite ;-)

  2. Where is The Painted Mill? It looks like a great place with some good deals. Would love to check it out :)

    • The Painted Mill is located in Fallston, MD.

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