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DIY Sock Monkey

Posted on Jun 18, 2014 by in DIY $5, DIY Nursery, Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Classic Sock Monkey



Recently, I was fortunate enough to accompany my husband on a speaking engagement. I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful mom who reads my blog. She mentioned how she is a stay at home mom who homeschools and loves DIY projects that she can do with her children.

I started wracking my brain for DIY projects that would be great Summer activities. One of my many ideas was sewing a sock monkey. They are classic toys! I always wanted one growing up. The sock monkey takes only about an hour to sew. It is not only a great activity for the kids, but a great present for kids or a gift for a baby shower.


1 Pair of Socks
2 Blue Buttons
1 Needle
Red String
White String
Red Ribbon

Start by cutting up the center of one of the socks, stopping at the heel.

Turn the sock inside out and sew along the edges of the sock, leaving an opening at where the sides come together in the center. Turn the sock right side out and stuff the sock.


Stuff the sock with batting.

Stitch the sock legs together by folding down the edges to create a smooth edge and press sides together, lining the stripes up together. Thread the needle and push the needle through both sides and stitch back and forth.


Cut up the center of the second sock, stopping at the heel. Cut straight across to create two monkey arms.


Flip the sock arms inside out. Sew along the sides, starting at the elastic top and leaving the opposite end open. Flip the arms right side out and stiff with batting. Fold the edges under to create a smooth edge. Place fabric together and sew shut.

Sew arms onto sides of sock monkey body.

With remaining fabric from the bottom half of the sock, cut up the middle. Take the half that does not have the heel and flip inside out ad sew together, leaving one side open. Flip right side out, stuff with batting, and sew top shut. Sew the tail onto the sock monkey, placing the tail in the middle of the heel.

Cut the heel out and sew it onto the facial area of the monkey to create the mouth. Make sure you fold the edges down as you sew to make a smooth monkey mouth. Dont forget to leave an opening for the batting. Sew mouth completely onto the monkey after stuffing. Thread the needle with red string. Stitch once to secure on one side of the mouth and then bring the string straight across the mouth, making sure the thread is taut. Secure the string smile on the other side of the mouth with a single stitch.

Sew the button eyes onto the monkey’s face. ***CAUTION-MAKE SURE YOU SECURE THE BUTTON EYES WELL SO CANNOT BE PULLED OFF. THE BUTTONS CAN BE A CHOKING HAZARD. The sock monkeys should not be given to children under the age of 3 years old as play toys if unsupervised.****

Caution: Make sure button eyes are secured extremely well! They are a chocking hazard.

Finally, create a bow out of the red ribbon and sew the center onto the monkey, below its mouth.

Julia loves her new toy!

Here is the final product! Julia loves her sock monkey! She was beaming when I presented it to her!
Adorable DIY Toy

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