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A Look Back on the Twins’ First Year of Life

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Luke and Julia Walsh. Newborn pictures.

My answered prayers

Looking back over the twins’ first year, I am shocked and amazed. I’m shocked because it feels like forever, but an instant since they were born. I am amazed how God answered my tearful prayers and how Hd protected the twins and I throughout the entire pregnancy and birth. I am amazed Matt and I made it through the first year with our sanity intact! Our children are healthy, happy, and loved. Our faith and marriage is stronger than it has ever been. I felt like we should pop open the champagne!

I remember the before their birth, Matt and I laid in bed and whispered excitedly about becoming parents of multiples! I also remember crying because I feared the unknown, how everything would change, and because it would never be just Matt and I again. I sobbed because I didn’t know if I would make it through the cesarean (due to my blood clotting disorder). Isn’t it funny how we can fear the unknown, but have a reverence and faith in the unseen Almighty God?

As my thoughts swirled around in my head, so fast that I couldn’t focus on a single feeling or thought, a calm came over me. I remembered that God would be faithful to complete the work He had started in me (Philippians 1:6). My sobs became whimpers. My whimper became prayers and my prayers became praises. I knew that no matter what I would face at daybreak, my God and my incredible husband would be with me.

On May 26th, 2013 my life changed. My outlook on faith, marriage, and life was shattered. Julia was born at 6:10 PM and her ‘little’ brother arrived a minute later at 6:11 PM.

I was unable to hold my children for the first several hours of their life, but I knew I would have a lifetime to hold them. As my husband wheeled me around the corner into their dimly lite room in the NICU, I caught my breath and felt like the world went deafly silent. All I could hear were two little hearts beating in sync with mine. The walls fell away. The world fell away. Before me were two bassinets and in them, cocooned in blankets and wires, were our two tiny babies. Before me lie my answered prayers.

I have compiled some of my favorite moments of the twins’ first year and threw in a few ultrasound pictures. I hope you will join me in celebrating Julia and Luke’s first birthday!

Here is Julia around 20 weeks in utero. Look at that nose! So cute! It looks like there is a baby mobile over her head.

Julia's ultrasound
I was able to get a 3D sneak peek at Julia when she was 32 weeks!
Julia at 32 weeks
Here is Luke at 20 weeks. Whenever the tech would try to find him on the ultrasound, he would squirm, punch, or roll over. This time, he said “peace”! My mother-in-law joked that Luke might be the future Pope.
Luke may be a priest or perhaps the Pope one day

My precious, tiny babies just hours after they were born and moments after I was able to see them for the first time.
Luke Matthew Walsh the day he was born. He was in the NICU.

Julia sleeping peacefully in daddy's arms the night she was born.
My handsome husband, Matt, holding Julia.
Matt and Julia in the NICU the night she was born.

Our first family photo the day we left the hospital.
First Walsh family photo

Mommy and babies at home at last! They are my world!
A mama and her babies. Alissa Walsh.

The twins were baptized on Father’s Day 2013, which happened to also be Matt’s birthday!
Luke and Julia Walsh are baptized.
Newborn photos of the twins courtesy of Wilkes Photography. Since they were premies, we waited until they were 5 weeks old to have them photographed.

Walsh Newborns

Walsh Newborns

Newborn Twins. Matthew and Alissa Walsh's twins.

Newborns from God.

Luke and Julia are three months here. Julia said something hilarious and Luke took offense.
What did you say?
I had to take the twins for a dip in the pool before the end of Summer. Labor Day Weekend 2013.
Alissa Walsh with Luke
Matt with the twins poolside.
Matthew Walsh with his twins.
First Ravens’ game of the season! Can you tell we are diehard Ravens’ fans? My baby shower was on Superbowl Sunday and had a Ravens theme. I think the baby shower brought them good luck, because the Ravens won that year!
Raven Twin Babies.
Pumpkin picking with our 5 month olds.
Alissa Walsh with Julia.
Walsh Family Photo October 2013
Julia Walsh among the pumpkins.
Luke Walsh among the pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween! Julia went as Belle.
Twin Halloween Costumes. Luke and Julia Walsh.
Merry Christmas from the Walsh family! I apologize in advance for the numerous photos to follow. Professional pictures courtesy of Wilkes Photography.
Matt and Alissa Walsh with their twins.

Matthew and Alissa Walsh with their family. Christmas 2013.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Candid Baby Christmas Photo. Crying twins.
My attempt at photographing the twins. Ha ha!
Crying Baby Christmas card photo of twins.
Twin Christmas Card Photo

Christmas with the cousins.
Christmas Babies. Cousins.

Luke and Julia get their first Valentines from Mama and Dada.
Matt Walsh with his twins.
Alissa Walsh and her twins.
Valentines' Day 2014
Scary Baby Photo.
Saint Patrick’s Day 2013. We are Catholic and Irish, so we had to celebrate! We spent the day with my grandmother, just weeks before she passed away.
The luck of the irish twins. Saint Patrick's Day.
Alissa Walsh and family.
Julia Walsh. Model Baby.

The twins’ first Easter. Yes, I am one of those moms who go overboard on ridiculous photo ops! No, I do not endorse the Easter Bunny. We celebrate the gift of eternal life as a result of Christ’s death and resurrection.
Happy Easter. Easter Basket picture of twins.
Embarassing photo of baby with Easter Bunny ears. Poor kid! haha!
Happy Easter!
11 months old pictures. I cannot believe they are almost one!
Nautical. A boy and his wicker boat.
Cute Baby!
A just because Ravens themed day.
Ravens cheerleading outfit on baby.
Ravens jersey on baby
The twins turned one on May 26th, 2013!

Twins' first birthday party.
Twins' first birthday with their mom. Walsh twins.
Boy's first birthday. Walsh twin.
Baby's first cake.
Baby eats cake.

All cleaned up!
Luke Walsh.
Julia Walsh. Be still my heart. Gone with the Wind.

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  1. This is beautiful… Have you ever read Jen Fulwiler’s blog called Conversion Diary? She has 6 kids and also has a blood clotting disorder. I don’t know how many of those there are, but you might appreciate reading what she was to say about it. And she’s hilarious. :)

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