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DIY Fairy Gardens Part One

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A Fairy Garden in a Glass Bubble

A Fairy Garden in a Glass Bubble

When I was a child I was fascinated with fairies and angels. Now that I have children, I am tapping into my childlike side. I wanted to recreate the magical aspects of being a child, so I created fairy gardens all over our property. I even made one for my mom.

My sister and brother-in-law gave me a glass bubble terrarium for Christmas. I decided to turn it into a suspended fairy garden and hang it in the kitchen. I smile every time I see it.

Fairy garden supplies

Fairy Garden Supplies


Glass Bubble
Baby Fairy ($1.00 at local antique store, but you can find them on Amazon)
Baby Bunny ($1.00 at a local antique store, but you can find them at a craft store)
Mini Mushrooms ($2.99, Michael’s)
Sedum Blue Balls Dwarf Stonecrop ($3.99, Garden Nursery)

Sedum Blue Balls Plant

Sedum Blue Balls Plant

To create the suspended fairy garden, start by trimming the roots of the Sedum Blue Balls Dwarf Stonecrop. Cut off 1/4 of the roots and soil and then place the plant in the glass bubble. Spray the plant with water. You will need to water the garden every few days.

Sedum blue ball plant

Cut the roots.

Miniature mushrooms for fairy garden supplies.

Arrange the miniature mushrooms in clusters of three.

sleeping baby fairy

Sleeping Fairy

A fairy garden inside a glass bubble suspended in air.

A fairy garden suspended in air.

Group the miniature mushrooms around the outskirt of the garden.

Add the baby fairy in the center and the baby bunny in the background.


My second fairy garden is larger and more elaborate. I repurposed my Resurrection Garden. You can find the original supplies and steps to assemble the garden on my Resurrection Garden blog.



Flower Basket Pin ($1.00, purchased at a local antique store, but you can find similar online)
Bird’s Nest ($1.49 marked ‘As Is’, Michael’s)
Fairy Garden Stone ($3.00, Michael’s)
Miniature Mushrooms ($2.99, Michael’s)
Miniature Basket ($3.00, at a local antique store, but you can buy similar at Michael’s)
Miniature Tomatoes in Basket ($2.00, purchased at a local antique store, but you can find similar at Michael’s)
Miniature Washing Board ($3.00, purchased at a local antique store, but you can buy similar items online)


I started by removing a few plants and flowers from the preexisting garden. I also removed the three crosses. I then added a fairy house out of twigs.

I made the roof for the house out of a bird’s nest.

Leading up to the house, I placed a stone pathway and stick fence. Near the entrance, there is a flower basket and grouping of miniature mushrooms.


Hanging from the Alyssum, you will find a fairy basket.


In the furthest corner of the garden, you will find the fairy’s washing board.

At the entrance of the cave, there lays a stone with the etching, ‘Fairy Garden’.

On top of the cave, you will find that the fairy has left behind her basket of tomatoes.

Here is the outdoor fairy garden! You will have hours of fun creating and peering in on your fairy garden! Don’t forget to water the garden often and trim the flowers and plants when necessary.

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