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DIY Nursing Cover

Posted on May 30, 2014 by in DIY $5, Uncategorized | 0 comments

DIY nursing cover made from a wrap skirt.  This is a perfect size for complete and modest coverage while nursing a baby. Also, it is large enough that I could nurse my twins together and be covered.

DIY Nursing Cover

Alright ladies, any of you that have breastfed or are planning to breastfeed know the vital importance of a nursing cover. Unfortunately, the retail industry also understands how crucial a nursing cover is to a mama. Retail stores overcharge for the modest fabric. When I was looking for baby gear and a nursing cover I had sticker shock! Not only did I have sticker shock, but I found that the cover didn’t cover much! As a soon to be mom of twins, I needed an extra large and modest nursing cover so I could nurse the twins at the same time (yes, it can be done successfully). So, I decided to make my own nursing cover. I made my cover for only $5.00 compared to retail covers starting at $35.00!


Wrap Skirt ($2.50, Goodwill)
Sewing Needle
Sewing Pins
Thick Thread
Scrap Fabric of Ribbon

I am not a seamstress by any means. Instead of buying a yard of fabric, I bought a patterned wrap skirt. I chose a bold and colorful pattern for two reasons. One, it was a fashionable print and two, the large print was not transparent and would not give away a glimpse of what was happening under the cover.

Wrap skirt before being converted into a nursing cover.

Notice there is no strap, just the basic wrap skirt.

The steps to converting a wrap skirt into a nursing cover are quick and easy! Start by carefully cutting the ribbon along the seam on either end of the skirt. This ribbon would be used to wrap around your waist and secure in a bow. Next, lay the skirt out on the ground and find the two central points to secure the neck strap.

Wrap skirt material used to make a nursing cover.

Create a neck strap from the material used to secure the wrap skirt.

Take several sewing pins and secure the strap to the top band of the skirt. Put the neck strap over your head and adjust the length according to where you would like the top of your cover to lay. I adjusted the strap length so the top of the cover would lay flat on my collarbone. You can either hand stitch or use a sewing machine to fasten the strap on the top of the skirt. I chose to hand stitch. Make sure the strap is extra secure. You do not want a wardrobe malfunction when you are nursing!

The last step is optional. For additional coverage, take either scrap fabric or ribbon and cut two, 12 inch strands. Sew one strand on either side of the skirt end corners. For additional coverage, tie the two strands behind your back to secure the cover on the sides and prevent any side show.

Wrap skirt used to make a nursing cover for twins.

Tie behind your back for extra coverage.

Nursing cover extra coverage.

Tied in the back.

DIY Nursing cover for cheap.

A simple and easy way to make a nursing cover for a fraction of the price.

Here is my DIY nursing cover! I successfully nursed my twins with this cover and never was exposed.

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