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DIY Rustic Outdoor Chandelier

Posted on May 1, 2014 by in $10 DIY, DIY Garden | 1 comment

A photo of a ladybug in nature.

The ladybug wanted to check out the rustic outdoor chandelier.

Spring is finally here and my head is reeling with outdoor DIY projects! I wanted to create additional outdoor lighting for entertaining in the evenings. So, I started to rack my brain. What do I have and what am I envisioning? I wanted to create a rustic chandelier! I decided to recycle the twins’ baby food jars and repurpose two grape vine wreaths I had stashed away in the basement.

Rustic Chandelier Supplies


1 Medium Wreath
1 Small Wreath
9 Baby Food Jars
Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
9 Votive Candles

Start by peeling off the labels on the baby food jars. Then, squirt a dab of Dawn dish detergent on the glue residue. Wait a few minutes and then wash off the detergent and residue.

DIY repurposed baby food jars to make candle holders.

Repurpose your baby food jars.

Cut a nine, 24 inch twine strands. Set aside the twine and select a jar. Apply hot glue around the rim of the jar. Press the middle section of the twine on the glue, working your way from the center out. Hot glue twine from the top of the rim to the bottom, in a circular motion, making sure both ends of the twine are even in length.

Use your baby food jars and turn them into votive candles. What a great DIY!

Hot glue the twine around the lip of the jar.

Continue gluing the twine until there is roughly 8 inches on each end. Then, apply a small dot of hot glue on either side of the jar to secure the twine that will hang from the wreath chandelier. Repeat entire process 8 more times, making sure all the jars have the same twine lengths.

Next, suspend 5 of the jars from the medium sized wreath. After you are done, suspend the remaining jars from the smaller wreath, staggering them so they will not be directly under the jars above. Set the smaller wreath aside. Choose 4 points on the top of the medium wreath as anchor marks to suspend the rustic chandelier.

Suspend jars from a wreath to make a rustic chandelier.

Suspend the jars from the wreath.

Cut two, 36 inch strands of twine. Take one strand and triple knot each end to paralleling points on the wreath. Repeat with the remaining strand. Gather and knot the top of the stands to create a loop to hang your rustic chandelier. It is essential that all sections of the twine are the same length or it will be tilted.

Rustic jar chandelier for outdoors

Tie a knot.

Rustic Outdoor Chandelier made from wreathes and baby food jars.

Looking down through the rustic chandelier. I love it!

Cut four, 12 inch strands of twine. Choose 4 locations on the top of the smaller wreath as anchor points. Triple knot the twine and secure. Choose 4 points on the bottom of the medium wreath. Make sure you allow slack in the line and then triple knot and secure. Once secured, the smaller wreath will be suspended under the wreath above.

Rustic Outdoor Chandelier made from baby food jars, votive candles, twine, and wreaths.

Suspend your chandelier from a tree outside.

The last thing you have to do is place small votive candles inside the suspended jars. Hang your rustic chandelier on the porch, in your yard or even from the ceiling in your bedroom!

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  1. I love this! Such a neat idea. I love rustic-themed decor. Pinned!

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