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DIY Birth Announcement Wall Letters

Posted on Apr 23, 2014 by in DIY Nursery | 0 comments

Create your own birth announcement with a letter. It is decor that shares the birthdate, birth weight, length, and time. What a great DIY!

Wall Letter Birth Announcement for Julia.

The twins are fast approaching their first birthday! I cannot believe it! Where has the first year gone? Luke is crawling like a champ and has 8 teeth. Julia army crawls with determination and has 2 teeth. I found Julia sitting up in her crib today for the first time! As I started reminiscing, I decided to look at their birth certificates, hospital bracelets, newborn hats, and pictures documenting their first moments in this world. All this led me to creating my latest DIY, birth announcement wall letters!

Birth Announcement Letter. DIY. Nautical and yet informative. It provides the birthdate, birth weight, length, and time.

Luke’s custom birth announcement letter.

We all have the hospital momentos, but who displays them? They get tucked away in a box or glued to scrapbook pages. Why not display the information in a decorative way?

Birth announcement letter supplies


Large Letters (Michael’s)
Small Wooden Letters (Michael’s)
Wooden Anchor (Reused from a Christmas decoration)
Shells (Collected from Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City, Maryland when we lived there our first year we were married)
Beads (Prayer beads I had around the house)
Old Card or Scrapbooking Paper (Free, I used a card we got from our wedding)
Key (Michael’s, reused from my Valentine’s Day DIY)
Rose Ribbon (Hobby Lobby, I used the scrap ribbon from my headband DIY)
Fabric Paint (Michael’s)
Wooden Birds (Thrift store)
Scrapbooking Frame (Thrift store)
Ribbon (Leftover from Valentine’s Day Craft and the blue ribbon from my craft bag)
Craftsman Paint (Michael’s)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Hot glue the key to the letter.

Hot glue the key to the letter.

Paint wood letters.

Paint the miniature letters.

Shabby Chic Letters

I added a vintage pink bird that reminded me of an ornament on my Christmas tree growing up.

DIY Birth Announcement

Julia’s birth information.

Nautical theme for a boy's nursery

I placed an anchor on Luke’s letter because it is nautical and reminds me of my parish’s symbol, the anchor cross.

My nautical theme: Prayer beads, shell, and vintage blue bird.

Prayer beads, shell, and vintage blue bird.

Tea stained paper.

I made the tea stained heart for my sister’s bridal shower and decided to reuse if for Luke’s letter.

DIY letters and birth announcements

Luke’s Birth Announcement Letter

DIY letters and birth announcements

Julia’s Birth Announcement Letter.

Before you start hot gluing pieces to your letter, arrange the items on the letter to figure out where you want everything to go. I wanted the key to be the focal point, so I arranged the other items based upon the key placement. I painted the small wooden letters and let them dry before gluing them down.

After everything is hot glued, use the fabric paint to write out your little one’s birthday, time of birth, weight, length, etc. The fabric glue takes a lot of patience and a steady hand. Once you have written with the fabric paint, let it set for 5 minutes before moving onto the next area to write. (I bumped the bubble letters several times and had to wipe it clean and start again. The good news is that fabric paint is incredibly easy to clean up! Lt it set for 5 minutes even if you mess it up and then take a paper towel or paper and scrap it up. There will be little to no residue left behind! Then just take a went cloth to go over the area and you are ready to start again!)

Hang on the wall and you are done! The birth announcement wall letter is a great way to remember your little one’s first day! It also makes a fantastic baby gift!

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