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Rose and Crystal Baby Mobile

Posted on Mar 1, 2014 by in DIY Nursery | 3 comments

When I found out I was having a baby girl, I was ecstatic! I day dreamed about her nursery filled with roses, lace, and crystals. I envisioned a shabby chic nursery where a little princess could sleep peacefully and dream.

I started looking for the perfect mobile for my little girl, but it was nowhere to be found. Dissatisfied, I brought my vision to life by creating a DIY mobile.

I found this mobile at a local consignment shop for $5.00. It was the perfect light pink color and the canopy top was so cute!



Baby Mobile
1 Yard Rose Ribbon (Hobby Lobby or other craft stores)
5 Mini Rose Balls (2, 4 Packs at Michaels)
5 Strands of Crystals (I used chandelier crystals I bought at an antique store, but Michaels sells faux crystals)
Fuschia Rit Dye (Michaels)
White Cloth (I used scrap cloth I had lying around)
Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Plastic Bowl
Safety Pins
Plastic fork

Start by cutting the brown ribbon and bears and set them aside for a future DIY project or to be used as toys.


Measure the length and width of the brown border on each side of the mobile canopy. Cut rose ribbon according to measurements. Then, cut the white cloth according to the same measurements. .


Hot glue the white cloth on top of the brown border. The white cloth acts as camouflage. Then hot glue the rose ribbon on top of the cloth material. I chose to thicken the rose border by doubling the ribbon. Make sure the rose ribbon comes together seamlessly at each corner.


Before moving on to the next step, make sure 4 of the crystal strands are the same length. The fifth strand should be 2-3 crystals shorter. This strand will hang from the center of the mobile.


Flip the canopy upside down so you are looking at the underbelly. The plastic support looks like a ‘X’. In the bottom corner, hook one end of the crystal strand to the plastic support. Hot glue over the hooked area to secure the strand. Repeat on remaining three supports, until you have four secured strands of crystals. Then secure fifth crystal strand from center of the ‘X’. Hot glue to secure. Set canopy aside.


Next, get out a mini rose ball.

Push open safety-pin end into the top of a mini rose ball. Repeat the same step with the four remaining mini rose balls. Make sure the pins are secure. Tie a string through the hole at the top of the safety-pin and tie a knot. Leave about 5-6 inches of string attached to pin, cut and then tie a knot around a stick. Repeat with four remaining rose balls. Set aside.



Fill a small with plastic bowl with Fuchsia Rit Dye. I used an empty formula can. Here is a picture of three complementary Rit dye colors you can choose from. I personally loved Fuchsia.


Carefully suspend rose ball over bowl of dye. Using a plastic fork, submerge the rose ball in dye and hold under for 15 minutes or until the rose ball reaches a few shades darker than the desired color ( I used this time to catch up on a television show). I found that the petals will dry and reveal a lighter fuchsia.

Dried Rose balls

Put a large drop of hot glue on the top of rose ball and push bottom crystal on strand into the hot glue. Hold until glue is dry and crystal secure. Repeat until all crystal strands are attached and secure. Turn mobile canopy right side up and make sure all pieces are secure.

A mobile fit for your baby girl! If she is anything like Julia, she will love the colors, textures, and shimmering beauty of her crystal and rose mobile!

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DIY Baby Mobile.


  1. So pretty! I love mobiles…

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