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Painted Crib

Posted on Feb 25, 2014 by in DIY Nursery | 0 comments

DIY How to Paint a  Crib with NO VOC paint.

AFTER: DIY Painted Crib.

DIY How to paint a crib with NO VOC.

BEFORE: The original state of the crib when it was given to me.

I was given this Simmons crib a few years back. I absolutely loved the shape and the fact that it was a convertible crib, but I hated the natural wood color. I wanted to paint the crib to match the furniture both my mother and I had growing up.

1 Simmons Crib
3 Pack 3M SandBlaster 80 Grit Coarse Sandpaper
1 Pint Benjamin Moore Natura No-VOC Paint Semi-Gloss
1 Pint Milk Paint Safecoat Acriglaze Matte Finish (No VOC,
1 Benjamin Moore Soft Nylon/Polyester Professional Brush
1 Paint Container



First things first, if you are going to paint a crib or any furniture that your child will be using on a regular basis, make sure the paint is NO VOC! I was 9 months pregnant with my twins when I decided to paint this crib, so for the safety of all of us, I splurged on No VOC paints! No VOC paints can be purchased from Benjamin Moore (Natura brand), MilkPaint, Yolo Colorhouse, or Bioshield. For the sake of time I went to Benjamin Moore and purchased their paint in store. As far as I know, the other brands must be ordered online.

I finished the crib before I wrote this blog, so I do not have pictures to document every step, but I can walk you through it just the same.

French Prov Style Furniture

My mother’s furniture that she had as a child and passed down to me. Now I am passing it down to my children.

If you are trying to match the color of your crib to other furniture in the room, like I did, bring a drawer with you. The staff will be able to match the color to a ‘T’ by providing them with a drawer or small piece of furniture with the desired color. I learned this the hard way. Presenting a picture of the desired color will not be the same due to lighting and it being a photo. The staff at Benjamin matched this French Provisional side table perfectly!

Once you have your paint, you are ready to get started! I decided to leave the crib assembled because it was easier to sand and paint this way. I didn’t have the space or time to wait for each piece to dry and then paint the other side. If you choose to do as I did, make sure you loosen the screws, so you can sand and paint behind each screw. By doing so, you will ensure a seamless looking crib.

Sand the entire crib down to remove the polyurethane coating. Paint will not bond with polyurethane. I am not going to lie, it takes a while to sand a crib. You need to make sure you get in all the crevices.

I chose not to prime because I didn’t find a primer with No VOC. I was also assured by the Benjamin Moore staff that because there was no prior color, just natural wood, I did to need to prime. Skipping the priming, paint the entire crib, making sure you put on a thick coat of Natura paint. Let dry and paint again. After you are done painting the crib, making sure to paint behind the screws and then paint the screw heads to make them blend in with the crib.

How to paint a crib with no voc using milk paint.

Painted Crib.

After the crib has dried, paint crib with the Milk Paint Safecoat Acriglaze Matte Finish. The matte finish will not darken or alter the paint color.

My sweet little girl enjoying her new crib.

My sweet little girl enjoying her new crib.

Smile for the camera babies!

Smile for the camera babies!


DIY Painted Crib. Children not included.

Here is the finished product! I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of my kiddos in the crib!

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