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Bath Salts

Posted on Feb 23, 2014 by in $10 DIY, DIY on the Fly | 2 comments

DIY Bath Salts are great bridal shower gifts, birthday gifts, christmas gifts, etc.

DIY Bath Salts



I recently made bath salt party favors for my sister’s bridal shower and my sister-in-law’s baby shower. I decided that both ladies needed to be pampered, because let’s face it, pregnancy and wedding planning can be stressful and tiresome! I made a huge batch of bath salts and used them for both showers; don’t forget to set some aside for yourself! To cut down on cost, I used dried roses from a bouquet my hubby gave me. If you do not have dried roses lying around, head to the Dollar Store. Recently, I found they sold bath roses that dissolve in water. There are 9 rose buds in a box for only $1! Keeping cost in mind, I also planned ahead and searched local thrift stores for small Mason jars.

Stickers, stamps, and tea bags.

Stickers, stamps, and tea bags.

Bridal Shower Bath Salts:

1 cup Epsom Salt
1 cup Morton’s Kosher Salt (Coarse)
5 drops Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil*
1 Dried Rose Bud (Chopped)
4 Small Mason Jars
Heart Stamp
Stamp Pad
Tea Bags
Small Note Cards

*Choice of one scent per batch: Lavender, Honey Suckle, Sandalwood, etc.*

DIY Bath Salts from everyday products

Mix all the salts together in a large bowl.

Chop up rose petals and put them in your DIY bath salts.

Chop up the rose petals.

Mix Epsom salt and Morton’s Kosher Salt in large bowl. Morton’s Kosher Salt provides the spa quality to the bath salts. After mixing salts, add 5 drops of preferred fragrance oil.

Heart image made from rose petals. Rose petal heart.

Rose petal heart.

DIY Bath salts for bridal shower prizes.

This gift was a huge hit at the shower!

Chop one dried rose bud and mix into bath salts.

Press sticker or label of your choice on the front on Mason jar. I chose a ‘K’ because it is my sister’s first name initial. Add ribbon around lid and set aside.

Use heart stamps to create a rustic banner for a bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, etc.

Heart stamped paper.

Boil water and then add 3 tea bags. Take off burner and let steep for 5 minutes. Submerge note cards in tea for 5 minutes. When note cards have a vintage stain, take them out and air dry. Once the note cards are dried, stamp a heart on one side of the cards. On the other side of the cards, indicate the bath salt scent and write instruction to add 2-3 TBSPs of salts to bath.

If you want to layer scents in a larger batch:

Follow above recipe for individual batches, leaving out rose petals until the end.
In a large bowl, combine 1/4 cup of each batch, mixing between additional batches. When all salts have been added, stir is 6 chopped, dried roses buds.


  1. Great idea for a moms get together! Love it!

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