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Rose Ball

Posted on Feb 21, 2014 by in DIY Inspiration | 0 comments

DIY Wedding Rose Ball.

DIY Wedding Rose Ball.

Styrofoam Ball
5 Dozen Pink Rose Bundles ($10 a bundle, but look for 40% off sales at Michael’s)
Sewing Pins
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

I have made countless crafts over the years, unfortunately I did not document each project. I bought this rose ball for $1 at a yard sale. It reminded me of the rose balls I made for the flower girls at my wedding. While mine was a soft pink, this is equally beautiful. I wanted to write a how to post about this craft, despite not having step by step photographs. The rose ball is a relatively inexpensive craft when compared to how much a florist will charge for a rose ball with real flowers.

Cut rose stems down to 1 inch. You may not need all the roses, so cut as you go. Before adding any flowers, create a ribbon loop. Hot glue ribbon ends and then pin loop into styrofoam. Apply hot glue over pinned area. Once glue has dried, push roses firmly into the styrofoam ball and fill in all bare spots. After the rose ball is complete, use both hands to apply pressure all around to make sure roses are secure.

This particular rose ball hangs from the curtain rod in my daughter’s room. Practically everyday she points at it and says, “Ah De?” Her adorable phrase translates to “And This? What’s This?”

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