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Nautical Nursery Boat

Posted on Feb 21, 2014 by in $10 DIY, DIY Inspiration | 1 comment

Store your child's toys in a DIY nautical painted boat. This should be in a nautical themed nursery.

Nautical Painted Boat

I just love this wicker boat! The colors are more playful than the darker blues I used in Luke’s nautical nursery. At $5, this boat was a great find! I look for items that are eye-catching and rare. When I found the boat at a secondhand store, it was dirty and was a natural tan wicker color. I used light blue and white paint that I had left over from previous DIY projects, so it was an inexpensive craft. In order to cover the wicker, I needed to use two coats of paint. With that said, this project took about an hour, half of the time allotted to drying. I hope this boat inspires you to find a piece to refurbish and make your own!

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