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Treehaus Kids’ Kitchenette

Posted on Feb 20, 2014 by in DIY $30, Unfinished DIY | 4 comments

Montessori style kitchenette. Natural wood and realistic.

Montessori style kitchenette.

You can buy the unfinished kitchenette for $30 at Tuesday Morning!

This Treehaus kitchenette is a fantastic project for the mama who wants to create something special for her little ones, but doesn’t have the time or skill set to cut, sand, and craft a wooden kitchen set, haha! We wear many hats, but I personally, do not wear a construction hat! I can only imagine the memories that will be created while painting and playing!

My mom purchased this at Tuesday Morning. She and I are going to paint and finish the kitchenette for the twins’ first birthday. I was blown away by the price! Tuesday Morning is similar to HomeGoods, so you can rest assured you are getting a great deal! It was priced $79.99, but sold in other stores for $150.00! I WAS BLOWN AWAY BECAUSE SHE ASKED THE MANAGER IF IT HAD BEEN SITTING AWHILE AND IF SO, WOULD THEY TAKE LESS! THE MANAGER SAID IT HAD AND SHE WAS MOTIVATED TO SELL IT, SO SHE SOLD IT FOR $30! Who would have known you could barter with this store! Love it!

***Since I wrote this post, my mom gave the kitchenette to the twins for their first birthday. They absolutely love it and spend the majority of their time “cooking”. I decided to keep it the natural color that it is currently because it goes with my beach themed playroom. In the future I may paint it.


  1. I have the same one! Got it at the Salvation Army store 1/2 price and my boys love it! So much prettier than those plasticky ones :)

  2. so cute. can’t wait to see post painting pictures.

  3. LOVE!!

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