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Nautical Baby Mobile

Posted on Feb 18, 2014 by in DIY on the Fly | 0 comments

DIY Nautical baby mobile made from an old mobile at a thrift shop.

Nautical Baby Mobile

I had always wanted a nautical themed nursery if I had a baby boy. When I started looking for nautical baby bedding and nursery accessories, I was very disappointed. Everything looked cartoonish or too babyish? I was looking for a classic nautical style. I decided I wouldn’t settle; I would create! This DIY project took only 15 minutes!

Baby Mobile ($6 at local consignment store)
Boat Ornament ($1 at a flea market, but can be found on Amazon)
Starfish Ornament
Nautical Hooks ($3.99 each at Hobby Lobby)
Leather strands

Revamp an old baby mobile into a DIY nautical baby mobile.

The original baby mobile before I revamped it.

I found this baby mobile at a children’s consignment store for $6.

Nautical Supplies

Nautical Supplies

Leather rope.

Leather rope.

Cut off original baby mobile toys and save for a future DIY project.

Cut off original baby mobile toys and save for a future DIY project

Transform an anchor hook into an anchor for the baby mobile.

Transform an anchor hook into an anchor for the baby mobile.

Remove anchor hook.

Remove the hook and save for a future project.

Remove the hook from all remaining for the DIY nautical baby mobile.

Remove the hook from all remaining.

nautical boat accessories.


DIY Baby Boy Nautical Mobile.

DIY nautical mobile for my baby boy.

Baby Boy DIY Nautical Mobile.

Luke’s crib with his new mobile.

I bought a boat ornament, dug out my starfish ornament from my Christmas decorations, and purchased the two nautical hooks from Hobby Lobby for $3.99 each.

I used leather strands, from my American Eagle belt, to suspend the nautical mobile. Look in your closet for belts, clothing, shoe laces, etc that you no longer use. Can you repurpose any of it for a DIY project? I might be the only one willing to destroy a leather belt, haha, so search big name craft stores for leather strands.

Cut ribbon from stuffed animals and use for later projects or give them to your kids as new toys to play with.

Remove screws from back and save hooks for later use.

Tie leather strands to mobile and then tie leather around each nautical piece; making sure to double knot.

The nautical mobile ties the whole theme together!

Baby boy and Baby Boy Nautical Mobile.

Luke in his old crib.

I had to throw in a picture of my little guy watching his mobile, even though this was his old crib.

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